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  • 10 years of experience in preparing for IELTS
  • Platinum Partner of Cambridge University
  • 12 years of leadership in exams
  • over 5500 candidates prepare and successfully take international exams with us every year

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IELTS Grade is your step-by-step guide in test preparation

Our team is working to make sure that every candidate scores high in IELTS Writing without stress and anxiety. The experience of leading certified IELTS experts will help you prepare for the test successfully and be absolutely confident about your knowledge while taking it.

Project coordinators and Grade Education Centre founders

Oleksii Zinchenko

Maryna Gordiienko

Grade Online Project Manager

Andrii Hulias

Academic Directors and course coordinators

Andrii Pigariev

Anfisa Kramarenko

IELTS preparation experts and certified teachers taking part in creating the online course

Mykhailo Dubyna

Nataliia Ryzhova

Olena Khlopetska

Elena Bochkarova

Project development consultants

Anna Kovalchuk

Kateryna Protsenko

IT and Design Department

Oleksandr Dubyna Full Stack developer

Oleksandr Iliukhin Front-End Developer

Yuliia Sanina UI/UX Designer

Marketing Department

Vira Novikova Marketing expert

Anastasiia Polushyna Marketing expert

Vita Duzha Content Manager

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